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EPISODE NUMBER: 8088 (April 18, 2012)
GUESTS: Arianna Huffington
SEGMENTS: Searching for Mr. Right-Mitt Romney and Rob Portman | The Word-Gateway Hug | Stephen Colbert’s End of the World of the Week-Doomsday Preppers
Suit Report: Dark Gray suit jacket | White dress shirt | Black tie with purple stripes
VIDEOS: April 18, 2012

Here’s a good cap that I caught right before it went away:

"I specifically do not want to give a shout out to my bronies tonight. I feel like I’ve been sucked into a dark corner of humanity and I’m crawling my way back toward the light"

Searching for Mr Right-Mitt Romney and Rob Portman

Who is Rob Portman? I looked at that graphic Stephen had with Mr. Portman and Mr. Romney. It just proves that the Republicans really love the idea of taking the country backwards instead of forward. We have a black president and in the last election, it was inevitable that a black person or a woman would be elected. Now we’re back to the old white dudes? Not good progress.

"Just look at these two together it’s like the bland leading the bland"

"Who can Romney find who won’t overshadow him? That’s it, the perfect ticket. Romney-Romney’s Shadow 2012"

"The best part is it will change positions everytime he does."

The Word-Gateway Hug

Again, more examples of the country going backward not forward. Okay personal story here, I got sucked into that show, “16 and pregnant”. It’s great popcorn TV, what can I say? Why don’t we ban that show? It’s far more likely to lead kids to becoming pregnant than banning hugs and kisses. I think it’s silly.

OH! Pop quiz time... In this segment, Stephen mentioned another one of his grade school crushes who rejected him. Her name is Audrey Stupino. Does anyone remember where that name has been used before? Hint-it’s not TCR but Stephen was on it.

"Folks you know I do not believe teaching kids sex education. You do not need to know any of the gory details until your wedding night. Then in the honeymoon suite, that’s when Mrs Feeber wheels in the chalkboard to map it out for you."

Doomsday Preppers

I saw the ads for this show on whatever channel it’s on. I think it might’ve been the same channel that “16 and Pregnant” was on, who knows? Just when you think they have run out of ideas for reality shows, someone else thinks of one. Reminds me of “Pitch”, those guys are still churning out ideas.

Doomsday Preppers is the latest show to profile people living odd lifestyles. As Stephen pointed out, it can’t last very long or else it will go the way of Glenn Beck. That fact is a nice one.

Narrator: “This prehensile love tool is over 2 meters long.”

Stephen: and that’s in cold water.

Doomsday Guy: “I’m preparing for the Yellowstone Park super volcano”

Stephen: “Don’t think it’s coming? Yellowstone’s been practicing every hour for thousands of years!”

Arianna Huffington

She was good to come and fill in at the last minute. I wonder what happened to John Cusack? I always enjoy her because she’s the best it-getter and Stephen can ramp up the character to 11.

Seriously, congrats to The Post for their Pulitzer. That reporter wrote about a great topic. We do need to remember our troops more. I will have to go in and read that article now.

I have a feeling that they had discussed the sites aggregating each other beforehand. She looked right at the big screen right before they had the picture of The Colbuffington RePost, which was right there available in a split second.

Finally, a kiss goodnight!