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Stephen Colbert and the Angry Inch

How tall is Stephen Colbert

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report”, Stephen Colbert devoted a segment of “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” to the search engine giant Google, who have robbed him of a precious inch of height.

“You see folks, when I Googled myself this afternoon, as I do every day at 3 sharp … I was horrified to learn that the Google celebrity profile of me lists my height as 5’10″. 5’10″? What is that measured in? Hectares? Because it sure isn’t feet and inches, Google. I’m 5’11″!”

Colbert went on to personally address the chief executive of Google, Larry Page, because in image-conscious Hollywood an extra inch means everything. “All I want is the height I deserve. And I fought for every inch, and no one, but no one, is taking that away from me. Especially not Larry Page, who according to Google, is 5’11”. [The New York Times]

Well it seems that the good humoured powers that be at Google were watching the show on Wednesday night. If you search, “How tall is Stephen Colbert” on Google, you will receive the following answer “5′ 10.5″ (1.79m -ish)”. And as seen in the image above, Google couldn’t help getting a jab in at tiny fake newsman Jon Stewart, who is listed as “Shorter”.

But it doesn’t end there folks …

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Happy Ninth Anniversary to ‘The Colbert Report’

As Stephen referenced earlier this week, way back on October 17, 2005, The Colbert Report premiered. Those of us who were familiar with Stephen Colbert on…

September 24, 2014: The Taping ReporT!

The Colbert Report taping report Hubster Kaitlyn has sent us this wonderful “Taping ReporT” of her trip to the September 24, 2014 taping of “The Colbert Report.”


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Hans Beinholtz misery appreciation life


…And I screamed and clapped so loudly that my throat still hurts a bit. It was so much fun and Colbert is just a little kid doing a grown up’s job. He’s so active and lively. Hell, he even lip-syncs to the songs played during the commercial breaks (intermission in the studio) and even danced a little before his exit. While his on-screen character is exaggerated purposely on TV, his real life persona is much more humble. Before the show started, he took a few questions from the audience and answered them in a serious yet light-hearten tone. I could write an essay about my experience but let’s just leave it at this:

  • If you live in New York, GET TICKETS—THEY’RE FREE!!
  • If you do get tickets, you (and guests) can only attend once every 6 months.
  • Do be prepared to wait in line (get comfy shoes) and scream and clap until your voice is gone and hands ache.
  • HAVE FUN!! BE ACTIVE!! LAUGH LOUDLY!! Clap and cheer every chance you get.
  • No pictures or beverages allowed and they have metal detectors and perform bag checks, just to be safe.

Now about Colbert:

  • He is a really, really good dancer.
  • The camera (and TV) doesn’t do him justice. Go see him live if you can/have the chance to. Seriously, it’s worth it.
  • He’s a rare gem of a person. You ever get that feeling that a person is genuinely good and kind? That’s what you get when you see him in action. There’s no falseness to him (except when he’s in-character).
  • He really interacts with his audience. He even took a selfie with an audience member (she requested beforehand) and threw wrist bands that he wears on his show for the audience to catch.
  • He’s very improvisational and feeds off of the audience. If they’re positive and cheering, he’ll feed off of that and project it back to us.
  • It sucks that his show ends in a few episodes (I think he mentioned about 36-38 episodes). This means that by December-January, he’s closing his show and moving on to host The Late Night Show after David Letterman leaves.

Annnnd, that’s all I can say. In reality and retrospect, it’s an experience. It’s one of the best times you’ll have if you’re in the city and definitely worth the trip, the wait and (hopefully minor) pain your throat and hands will go through.

Better Know a Guest Welcome to Better Know a Guest, your weekly guide to the wonderful and diverse array of personalities appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ each week.

Hello, Colbert News Hub!  First off I want to apologize that this news section isn’t going to include anything that happens over the weekend, because I’m writing on Friday before flying off to South Carolina for what might be the last beach weekend of the season. Gotta have my priorities.

Stephen’s guests this week are a chef, an actor, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a journalist. Jon’s are a journalist, an actor, a writer/actress, and a director.

Let us know who you’re excited for, and what you’d like to see covered this week!

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September 24, 2014 – Bill Cosby

EPISODE NUMBER: 10159 (September 24, 2014)
GUESTS: Bill Cosby
SPECIAL GUESTS: Tim Meadows | Terry Gross | Jeff Tweedy
SEGMENTS: Atone Phone – Jeff Tweedy Calls | Obama’s Coffee Cup Salute | Bill Cosby Pt. 1 | Bill Cosby Pt. 2 | Sign Off – “Cosby”
EXCLUSIVE: Extended Interview with Bill Cosby
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | White Shirt | Grey Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Full Episode Guide:

September 23, 2014 – Naomi Klein

EPISODE NUMBER: 10158 (September 23, 2014)
GUESTS: Naomi Klein | Jared Huffman
STAFF CAMEO: Opus Moreschi
SEGMENTS: U.S. Airstrikes in Syria | Better Know a District – California’s 2nd – Jared Huffman | The Russians Buy PBR | Naomi Klein | Sign Off – PBR
SUIT REPORT: Grey Checked Suit | Light Blue Shirt | Purple Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Full Episode Guide:


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